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I have a few suggestions for improving the “Save Changes” button:

  1. The button bar is currently fixed to the bottom of the table and can be out of view if the table is longer than the screen size. This can cause users to forget to save their changes. It might be helpful to have the button bar float to the lowest visible part of the table.
  2. It would be nice to have the option to customize the label on the “Save” button. For example, “Import” or another label might be more appropriate in some cases. Additionally, (in the import case) table edits don’t mean that users only want to save changes, rather, they want to import the whole table. The change count can be misleading.
  3. It would be useful to have the ability to hide the entire button bar. In some cases, users may prefer to have the button outside of the table or trigger the save action in another way. The presence of the button bar can be distracting in these situations.
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I just realized #3 can be done:
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Thank you for your requests! I've logged them and will keep you updated in this thread :slight_smile:

As a quick workaround, for #2, would it work if you just added a custom button to run a query and hide the save changes button altogether? :slight_smile:

Yes, that could work as would adding a button anywhere on the page.

If my first suggestion were to be implemented, that would be best if can be customizable.

Thank you!

Definitely! I'll keep you updated on those requests here :slight_smile:

Thanks again for this feedback @w2go! Circling back to share a currently available way to address potentially #2 and #3 above:

It is possible to hide the save/cancel buttons, and customize them! You can hide the Save/Cancel actions on the new Table by removing the addon, and implement custom buttons if you want to mimic the behavior in a different way elsewhere. For example, you could configure the custom buttons be hidden when {{table-name.changesetArray.length==0}}.

For #1 we still have a feature request logged to float the save/cancel buttons to a visible part of the screen if the browser window is smaller than the table width. Stay tuned here, we'll update you if that functionality gets added!

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