How to change .boolean-cell-true css color

hello retool
i want to change .boolean-cell-true css color

._retool-table1 .table-widget .boolean-cell-true * { color: red; }

but the code above doesn't work.

Hey @finn! If you’re trying to get the check mark to turn red, this should work:

.table-widget .boolean-cell-true { color: red; }

Hi @justin, is there any plan to add the possibility to style the chechmark through the UI?
I was a little bit confused first that there is no option for this in the styles section of the table component.

Hey! The checkmark color is currently tied to the "Cell accent" color, note that this will change more than just the checkmark:

Adding more robust styling options to the table component is something on our radar!

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Hi @Kabirdas, thanks, but I have checked this and it doesn't work for me (checked in several tables):

The color sticks with the "Retool blue".

Best, Timo

Hmm.. that's odd if you're interested in investigating this further you might want to try writing to us through your instance so that we can take a step into your app or look at an export to see what might be causing that field to not affect the checkmark color. Otherwise, I'll let you know here when the feature for more styling options has been implemented.

I just wanted to write your team via the instance and saw that checkmarks are now in the correct color. Maybe it was an caching issue. Thanks for letting me know anyway!

Hi Kabirdas, we would definitely like to see more robust styling on Boolean checkbox interface. Currently, the checkbox border only displays OnHover; the default checkmark is very faint, etc.
Thank you!