How manage multiple app in one domain?

Hi after i finish building my app (have 5 pages so 5 apps) how i can publish that to only one domain to my workers access system tru or

Hey @agaitan026! Hmm are you thinking about embedding your apps?


Awesome! Are you running into any particular errors so far?

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Got the bug if I use a menu as module for all my screens or apps won't work. I had to create for each app or screen the same menu

That shouldn't be happening! If you still have the broken module in your app, I'd be happy to take a look :slight_smile: Just DM a link to your app and ideally, post here letting me know you DM'ed me so I can make sure to look out for it.

(to DM me, just click my name and then "Message")!

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i have dm you

Ah, so it seems like the child app isn't a public app. If the child app is in a module, then you need to make that module public as well!

So basically, the child app, module and parent app ALL need to public in order for them to be embedded/publicly accessible :slight_smile:

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its public check it out


Hmm, maybe the "Open another Retool page" action doesn't work as expected with public Retool pages (it might be trying to go to the internal page).

Could you try opening a URL and pasting in the public URL instead?

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yes in that way it works, but my point was the open another retool page is not working as expected :slight_smile: but i will use the other method for now

AH. Got it. Thank you for clarifying :pray:

I'm able to reproduce the issue on my end as well, so it's definitely a bug. I'll make sure to update this thread once it's fixed, but for now, the go to URL workaround should hopefully work :slight_smile:

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Update! We’ll be fixing this in the next couple months :hugs:

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got it, thank you

This has been fixed! Thank you all for your input here, we wouldn’t have known to prioritize this without you all. It may take a few days until the fix gets deployed to cloud, but it should go live soon :blush:

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