Multiple pages app

Hello! I want to build an app with sidebar and many pages which I can access via clicking items from the sidebar. I fail to understand the concept of how app with many pages should work and look like. My initial question is =>

  1. every page is a frame/component in the "main" frame in one app where we can toggle their visibility when clicking sidebar items
  2. one page is one app and these "apps" (pages) share the same sidebar

    Thank you!

Hi Nadya

The way I use the sidebar currently is each page is a separate app - then I have the sidebar built as a module that is reused across all those pages.

I think you would run into performance issues having every page in one main app.


Agree with the above. Option 2 in your original post - treat each page as separate entity that happens to share a top level navigation module with other pages.


Hi @Nadya_Daskalova, welcome to the community :hugs:

It depends on the complexity of the apps/pages. If they're lean I would use a tabbed container and use the navbar/sidebar to switch views. If an individual page gets too "complex" I would definitely split it into a new app and link to it from the nav.

"Complex" here is relative. It depends a lot on how much logic you're running and how much data is required to render the view.

If you're going with the tabbed container approach I would implement a "load balancer" that only loads queries that are needed by the "view" of the container (currentViewKeyIndex) which helps a lot with responsiveness.

Hope that helps,


Thanks all for your feedback & ideas! We're also exploring new ways to create multi-page apps :eyes: Keep an eye out for additional solutions later this year!