Multi-page navigation performance

Hi, I am building a customer portal that is broken down into multiple apps to separate different requirements and queries, also to act as pages. Everything works fine within each app which share a navigation module in the header of each app. The issue I am having is the performance of when navigating from one app to another. I am testing this in the customer portal to eliminate any delay in the editor, but when a menu item is clicked there is a long delay before switching to the targeted app resulting in a very clunky switch over. I have delayed automatic queries on the targeted app but the problem seems to be the app that is being navigated away from.

Screen Recording 2024-01-17 at 09.57.15 (1)

Thanks for any help.


+1. Seeing similar issues when using navigation components (as modules) in the sidebar and header to navigate amongst apps. The full page reloads causes the undesired page flicker and bouncing, leading to a less than desirable user experience.

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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out about this. We are also working on a larger multi-page apps project to help with performance between linked apps. We plan to start rolling out the beta in late March, so more to come soon! The flickering is something that our team is working on and the fix should go out in Retool v3.38.0

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