Transpose Table Data

Is there a way to easily transpose the rows in a table to columns?

Just to clarify, the table consists of 1 header row and 1 row of data which needs to be transposed into 1 column with the header data and another column with the data.


Hey there :wave: Thanks for reaching out! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what your data and table look like currently? Here is a link to our docs on Data Conversion in case that is useful :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are looking to turn your rows into columns, a teammate of mine wrote out a way to do this! You can use Javascript in a transformer or between double curly brackets {{}} to manipulate the data in the way you're looking for.

Here's the example:

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@lauren.gus Thanks for the reply. Here is a screenshot of current layout. Based upon the screenshots, how do you think the javascript should be modified to create the transpose? Going to give the transformer a try, but any insight is appreciated.

Sample transpose

@lauren.gus This worked well with:

let arr=[]>{
return arr

Thanks for the help.