How do I see if there are non-SSO users on my account?


I want to make sure that all retool users with access to my organization have 2fa turned on. I think most of my users sign on via SSO, so they have 2-factor on via our gsuite, but I'm not sure whether there are users who received invites and log on with a username and password (I think this is possible from reading the documentation). Is it possible to check this?


Looks like we connected separately on this, but for posterity:

There’s currently no way to see this inside of the UI, but if an admin reaches out to support we can check for you or export a CSV list of the users in your org that includes their SSO status. This would definitely be useful info for admins to have access too, and I’ll move this thread over to the feature request section to help us keep track adding this in when we are next taking a pass over the users list