Non email address associated users in retool


I suspect the answer to this is no but just wanted to check in with the collective brains trust here in case I am missing something obvious!

Is there a way to have end users be able to login with something other than a Google ID or email address based login?


@bg1900 thanks for asking! Happy to share an answer here in our collective brains trust space :slightly_smiling_face: :brain:

You're correct that for self serve plans (Free, Team, Business) the two options for end users to log in to Retool are username + password, or Google ID. For those on our Enterprise plan, other options are available as they can set up custom SSO. You can see all the supported options for this under the "SSO Guides" section of our docs!

Not sure if this is relevant to your use case, but since you're asking about how end users access Retool, thought it might also be worth sharing the blog post and docs announcing two new features that unlock Retool for external use cases, like for customer- or vendor-facing apps, etc. Hope this info helps! For more questions about Retool for External use cases, post over in this new External Apps forum category :rocket: