Email-password instead of Google login


I want to use email-password instead of Google login. I have never set a password for my account before, and I received an invite to the organization. When I try to change the password, I get the message "This account does not support login via email and password. Please use an alternate login method."

Hello @Evgeniy_gordeev :slight_smile:,

You will need to address this with an admin of your organization. Admins can enforce SSO for their application. Hope that helps and best of luck!

This person seems to have the opposite problem to what is descrived in the documentation, and so do I

One of the users of the domain I admin made an account through Google, but we would like to separate their Retool account from their Google account and in the process, re-enable their email/password login option that is not available when your account is tied to Google.

Please advise.

If username/password login is enabled on the organization, the user can disassociate their google account by logging in and going to the /settings/account page, where there is a button to "reset google login".