How can i make an editabale column a dropdown

Hi everyone is it possible to make an editable table column a dropdown?

i tried this

const options = ["Within window", "Exceeded window", "Canceled delivery"];

const columns = [  { name: 'Compliance', editable: true, render: (value, row) => {
  const [selectedValue, setSelectedValue] = useState(value || options[0]);
  return (
    <Dropdown options={options} value={selectedValue} onChange={setSelectedValue} />

and this

const columns = [  { name: 'compliance', editable: true, render: (value, row) => (    <Dropdown options={["Within window", "Exceeded window", "Canceled delivery"]} value={value} />

and my problem seems to be here

<Dropdown options={["Within window", "Exceeded window", "Canceled delivery"]} value={value || 'Within window'} />

what is the correct syntax for making a column a dropdown

Hi @Vincent_1 thanks for reaching out! Is this code for our table component or is this for a custom component?

With our native table component, you can set the editable dropdown column like this:

Be sure to toggle off 'Allow custom values' if you only want to have 3 possible options!