Conditional editing of a dropdown


I have a column with type Dropdown for a Person. It has the labels matched to the name of a Person and the value mapped to the person_id. The table itself is populated by a sql query.

When I view the table, I don't want to have the Person's name editable and I don't want to see a dropdown.

However, when I add a new row to the table, now I want to have the column Person editable and I want to see the dropdown.

I've tried restricted editing on the dropdown column, both using the newRow and the currentRow. But whatever I do, it always applies the setting to all Dropdown boxes, not to the current one.

Is there a trick to get this done?

Hi @Maartenvdv!

The currentRow reference for the New row interface currently points to the first row of your table which makes this tricky to handle, we have a bug ticket open for this and can reply here when there's an update on that. In the meantime though, would it work for you to use a separate (conditionally displayed) component outside of your table for selecting a new person?

Just want to circle back here to report that this behavior has been fixed as of version 2.86!