How can i add switch component in my data-table for each row


I'm using a DataTable, and in one of its columns, which is based on the query response, there's a boolean type column named "isAvailable". I want to edit this column using a switch component (toggle type), but I've looked through all the options in the column and couldn't find what I need. Can anyone help me achieve this?

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You want to make the column editable using a switch component? Or just allow the user to edit the column in general?

Hi @ScottR , Priorities are I need to implement a toggle button in isavailable column if it's not achieved we can add a radio button, checkbox, and any other way. Thanks, @ScottR, Also i created one custom toggle (switch )component you can see in the image below, can I render this component in each row for the column is available? Thanks.!!

Why not just make the column editable and then save the changes using a Bulk Update with the changeSetArray?
Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 8.11.39 AM

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 8.11.32 AM

Hello!, I don't think is it possible for the Legacy Table component in a simple way, you could try with the HTML column type but I'm not sure.

with the New Table component you can simulate it changing the icons for true/false states