How can I integrate Retool with Firestore from Google Cloud Platform

I see the steps to integrate with Firebase, but I am currently using Firestore whithin GCP (no Firebase specific account).

So, I cannot find the requested Firebase URL. Is there a way to integrate with Firestore API directly?


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Hi @BardoBravo
I was equally confused as the documentation for Retool specifies the Firebase URL etc. Since i’m not using Firebase but only Firestore, I experimented a bit and it’s surprisingly simple:

  1. URL (see here:
    (since Retool uses an API to communicate, this is your main URL)

  2. Project ID: your GCP Project ID

  3. JSON string from GCPs IAM; here I used a service account with role: firestore-owner, which is likely too open but for now it works.

This should get you all started to using the Firebase / Firstore resource in Retool.


Woo! Thanks for hopping in here @zimmerst85!

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Hello forum experts,

I created the Service account in GCP, IAM->Services

However there does not exists a role "firestore-owner" - What should we use in 2022?

Txs for your help

Hey there, @radmastr81 - Welcome to the community! :grinning: I suspect that "firestore-owner" was the alias or custom name they gave their IAM role. Here's more info on roles here:

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