Can I integrate retool with firebase hosting?

Can I host retool in firebase host?
Is there a tutorial?

Hi @Simon123,

At a glance, it doesn't look like you can host Retool on Firebase as it is made specifically to host static content. The closest I can think of is deploying via Google Cloud Run which other users have done successfully. Unfortunately, we don't have a tutorial available for deploying there at the moment but you can use our general deployment docs as a reference and reach out if you run into any particular issues!

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Can I know how are they deploying it on cloud run by taking the deployment files there or installing retool there ?

It looks as though one user was able to do so by running docker build . locally and then docker push to push the container image to the container registry on GCP (the container was multiple GB). They then provisioned a Postgres database and a Cloud Run service to specify environment variables, including those for the Postgres instance. Finally, they provisioned a load balancer to proxy traffic and a firewall bypass to allow the UI to talk to the backend.

No guarantees but hopefully that works as a rough outline!

What I basically want is to develop and deploy the webapp in one cluster and then take its deployment files (HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS) to multiple clusters and deploy it there on a webserver like Apache.

I'm not sure this is support since a number of aspects of Retool run outside of the web app. If you're interested in sharing the apps you build outside of your organization you may want to check out these docs!