Hitting Firestore Cloud Functions

Connect to Firebase

I believe this is a feature without first class support. Retool integrates trivially with Firestore collections, but I am unable to find a straightforward way to hit a Firebase cloud function. My expectation would be that the Firebase resource I've set up for querying and adding to collections should also offer access to the Cloud Functions that sit behind the same auth checks that the db does, but the raw code editor is so opaque and offers so little feedback I am unable to determine if that's the case one way or the other.

Hi Zach,

You may access your Cloud Functions by setting it as a Rest API resource by itself. It should support Google Service account authentication similar to Firebase.


Thank you Harry. What would be the preferred approach for toggling between different paths and header variables when changing env?

Each environment will get its own resource config. You can configure the headers and the paths in the resource if you want them to switch with environment.

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