Firestore Permission Issue

Hi there. Does anyone have any experience with Google Firestore? I am not sure if this is a Retool issue or a Firestore security issue? (I think probably the latter). I have configured the Firebase resource, and when I hit Test Connection I get a 'Connection Success' message. When I try to use this resource however, I get a message '7 PERMISSION_DENIED: Permission denied on resource project'. I have used the Service Account Key as per the documentation at Firebase / Firestore Integration. I am not entirely sure which Firebase Database URL I should be using - I have tried a project specific one, and also the URL mentioned in the post How can I integrate Retool with Firestore from Google Cloud Platform. Neither seem to work - I assume that the issue maybe to do with the Google Service Account, and the Permissions in place? Any tips or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks. Adam

I was stuck with same problem as yours and I found the solution by @M10 to be working from this Post. In layman term, instead of deleting the service account, I just disabled the current Firebase Admin SDK Service Agent and created a new one with same service description. I generated a new key and pasted the new key into Retool Resources for firebase which I already had. Thanks.

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Many thanks for the tip. It all makes sense - frustratingly, it hasn't worked for me :slightly_frowning_face:

So managed to get this working!! Having followed the tips in this post, I then deleted the Retool resource (I had been updating it) and created a new one - and finally it worked!

Is it possible, for someone to provide a step-by-step with screen images, on how to connect RETOOL to a FireSTORE (not FireBASE) database including any permissions. I've spent most of the day trying to get it to work and cannot find a solution. I suspect the URL or IDE I've entered is not configured correctly. Thank you.