Firebase Connection Trouble

Sorry for the basic question, I am new to Firebase and just found ReTool. Sounds like exactly the tool I am looking for to build a quick admin interface for my data.

I have trouble with the most basic connection to my data store. I get this:
error:"7 PERMISSION_DENIED: Permission denied on resource project test-firebase.

I have gone thorough the video and docs several times on how to set up the resource. I tried Firebase projects in two separate accounts with simple test Firestore Databases.

I add Firebase Database URL, Firestore Project ID and Service Account Key
The ā€œtest connectionā€ check says success, but it seems to do that regardless of what I enter.

I am not clear how the URL to the ā€œRealtime Databaseā€ is relevant. I created one to get a URL but I have nothing in there (null). I only have a collection with a few documents in the ā€œFirestore Databaseā€. But thatā€™s me not understanding how they might be linked.

The ā€œfirebase-adminsdkā€ (Firebase Admin SDK Service Agent) is set up. I pulled the private key from the Firebase project setting, services account tab - and also went the GCP route via the service accounts section, new key as JSON.

I have been reading and trying things for hours, I have to admit I am stuck. I hope someone here can point me into the right direction to solve this. Thank you!

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I wish Iā€™d understand what went wrong. Here is what fixed it: I deleted the Admin SDK services account in GCP and re-created a new service account via the Firestore admin tools. Took a few minutes to sync and disappear in Firestore before I could recreate it. Then everything worked.


Glad you were able to figure it out @M10 :slight_smile:

I wish they just put this in the documentation, 2 hours of screwing around and it works instantly as soon as I tried this solution