How to trigger a query from a cloud function from firebase?

I have a firebase project, with real time database, and i want to trigger a retool query when a new register is set to a collection. ¿Is this possible?

Hi Didier_Cruz, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately this is not possible currently. I have shared this request with the engineering team.

Hey! Just want to give a quick update for those who stumble across this thread. The workflows feature enables support for triggering queries via webhooks! As of this post, it is currently in beta, I recommend checking it out for those who are interested :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey team. So, it's still not possible to invoke a Google cloud function from Retool?

Hey @markunthank!

If you're looking just to invoke a Google cloud function you should be able to do so using their REST API (their docs) with a REST query (our docs). Could that work??