Can't connect to Firebase Authentication

I am trying to make a connection to Firebase resource to create a dashboard. I successfully set this up for one client but I am struggling with another clients Firebase instance. In the Firebase dashboard in the Service Accounts I generated a private key and add this to the Firebase resource panel in Retool. When I test it I get the error "The Cloud Firestore API is not available for Firestore in Datastore Mode database", so I enabled that in the Google Cloud Console. But I am still getting the error even after regenerating the private key.

See firestore is enabled

Hi @ScottRichards, the issue we are running into is coming from the Google Cloud Firebase API. Firebase offers two types of databases, Firestore Native, and Firestore Datastore. It is possible to connect to the former using the API, but from testing a connection to both types of databases myself, it seems that it is not possible to connect to the latter with this API. It is possible to update the database type from Datastore to Native but only if the database is empty. How much data is in your user's Firebase Datastore db? It may be worth it to create a new project/database on Firebase. If it is created from the console, it will automatically be Native.