Help me to revert my wrong update action in Retool DB

Hello Team. I did a wrong update in my retool DB.
I exported Table before updating. But that column field type was JSON.
I think, JSON is not exported.
Please help me to revert my wrong update.
Thank you for your help!

HI @Lucas_L0706,

I once asked the Retool team about rewind on request capabilities on their database, and this is the answer I got:

Rewinding isn't in the product itself. For cloud orgs, we can only rollback if there is an emergency. You can also connect the db to an external tool and manually back up there. If you're deploying on prem, it will be within your control.

This post gives some info:

And you can try and reach out to them at (not sure if this is still active)

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked this article and it seems It is possible for emergency situation.
So, I hope to contact retool team.

They're having office hours at Discord later today. You could also join there and I'm sure the folks will be able to restore a snapshot from before you did the update.

Would you help me to join that discord? What should i do to join?
Thank you.

Of course, you can join here

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Hey @Lucas_L0706, I don't think we saw you in office hours. Let me know if you still need a restoration of your Retool DB. Thanks!