Restore Retool Database Table

I accidentally deleted a very important table
Is there a way to restore the table data? thanks a lot!

@Steve_Sleeven I can help here. We can return the Retool DB to a backup at any given time in the past 7 days. Just let me know the timestamp you want it restored to and which db (prod vs staging). Thanks!


prod base
13:25 UTC

and thanks so much!!

It should be restored from a snapshot of the entire DB at that time, so all tables should be affected. Mind logging out / in again to ensure that you aren't seeing any cached data?

even logged in through a new browser
still not there :frowning:
let's try even earlier maybe
12 am 31/05

Restored, if this doesn't work I'll have someone on the Retool DB team take a look when they are able.

@joeBumbaca sorry, another quick question, if you don't mind
what are the office hours for the DB team? it there a chance I could get it helped with today?

it's just so. extremely important

Hey @Steve.Sleeve we are actively working on it. I've escalated the issue to the support for the DB provider and they are taking a look. I'll update you here as soon as I have any news to share.


Hey @Steve.Sleeven another restoration was done. Can you check and see if that get this table back into the state you want? Thanks!


sorry, had to wait until I can post again haha

YES!!! it finally helped! thanks so so so much!

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Glad that worked!