Has the "Dynamically show key" feature been deprecated?

I was trying to show/hide columns of a table based on logical criteria. The forum has answers to this question but they rely on using the "Dynamically show keys" option in the column details panel. However, the column settings don't show the "Dynamically show key" option anymore:

I can have the user show/hide columns via the nifty multiselect hack [Youtube: Tappers Tips #2] but it seems the wrong approach here. What I really want to do is to programmatically change the visibility of the columns based on true/false conditions. Any ideas?

Hey @anilm411 you can achieve this by clicking on the fx next to the "show column" setting:

You can then insert the conditional logic for showing the column:

Here's an example with a simple checkbox component. If Checked it will show the column, if not it won't

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the advice. I'd tried that, but for some weird reason, I'm not getting the textbox to insert the logical condition. It just toggles the column's visibility off/on in the table.

I also tried turning on the "Use dynamic column settings on" and then setting fx. This generated the message "Dynamic column settings is on. Visibility must (sic) controlled via dynamic columns JSON"

I'm using the Brave browser.

Turned out I was toggling the show/hide button and not the fx key. It hadn't occurred to me that the "fx" was more than just a label. My bad. Thanks again, cperea.

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