Group in Table Component

After every update in data source or table settings(column width, etc.)
all expanded group rows - collapse back.

Hey @Serhy_R This is expected behavior when editing the table component for it to revert the default state when the data input for the table is updated. Could you set {{retoolContext.inEditorMode}} in the Expand groups by default input? With that setting, all of the groups will remain expanded while you're editing.


Thanks for reply @everett_smith.
But I don't mean edit mode, or changes while editing.
The table revert to its default state with collapsed rows 'every' time, when something changes -
For exapmple in user mode: if you expand one group, then change column width - you will see wierd action group will collapse - even if I don't want this behaviour ({{retoolContext.inEditorMode}} wont help!)

Hey @Serhy_R I see, thanks for clarifying that for me! I've created a feature request to persist the group expansions in these cases and I'll update this post if our engineering team ships a related update at a future date. Thanks for sharing this feedback with us :smile: