Google CloudSQL Resource integration

It would be great if Retool could add Google's CloudSQL hosted database service as a resource option. This would be especially convenient in cases like mine, where the CloudSQL instance doesn't have a public IP, so instead I will need to set up a bastion host and use SSH tunneling to allow access to CloudSQL using the Retool Postgres resource.

Thank you!

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I was able to hook up Google Cloud SQL.

Made the cloud instance IP public and whitelisted Retool’s IP per instructions here:

It was for a small project though, maybe this is a security risk.

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Thanks for the note, @zach-7! I’ll log this and share it with the rest of the team.


I'm having trouble connecting to my Google SQL from Retool On Premise deploy.

The deploy seems to be working, as I can log in and add the Firebase resource.

But, I can't add MySQL with a connection to a Google Cloud SQL database (it times out):

  • I've added all of the Retool IP addresses to the Authorized networks
  • I've set up a static public IP address for the DB
  • I've created client SSL certificates for the DB
  • I've tested the connection with and without SSL, with and without self-signed certificates, different database users, etc

I can connect via the command line using self-signed certificates, so I know my SSL certificates are working:

mysql \
	--ssl-ca=server-ca.pem \
	--ssl-cert=client-cert.pem \
	--ssl-key=client-key.pem \
	--host=35.XXX.XXX.XXX \
	--ssl-mode=verify_ca \
	--user=retool \

Any help is appreciated!

Hey Tracy,

Would you mind writing in to support via the chat icon in the bottom right corner of most Retool pages, or on, as I think it will be easier for us to debug if we are able to look at your configuration (which you may not want to share on a public forum)

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Hey Mark,

Thanks for the reply. Will use the chat

Hi @tracy,

Would you be able to share your solutions, please? We are facing a similar issue (with postgres though) and may be benefited from your solutions.


Hey @Oliver! Stepping in here to try to help.

What error are you running into with your Postgres connection? Which IPs have you whitelisted?

List of IP addresses to whitelist here:

And also here (should be the same addresses for on prem instances): Changes to Retool’s IP addresses for cloud and on-premise connections - #8 by Kabirdas