Persistent connectivity issues with Azure PostgreSQL instance

  • Goal: Be able to view my schema and access the data in my Postgres database hosted in Azure PostgreSQL

  • Steps: Connected to the database via the postgres connection string, connection has been successful as confirmed by Retool & have used the SSL certificate.

  • Details: Getting a persistent 'connection terminated due to connection timeout'

  • Screenshots:

Hey @hb-gio if you're still running into this -- Could you please share some screenshots of your resource setup in Retool, obscuring any sensitive credentials? Just to double check, have you added the IPs to the PG server's allowlist?

If you're using EU outbound regions, you'll need to add those instead:

Do you have any logs on the server side as to why the connection is failing?
Do you have any TLS/SSL etc connection requirements for your DB?

Not sure these would directly hold the answer here, but you can also check out our Tips & Tricks on timeouts and troubleshooting resource connections: Query Timeout - where to look, Troubleshooting Resource Connections

Let us know any other context you may have on this that could help move toward figuring out the root reason for the connection timeout. Thanks!