Get all users and create from self host

How i can get all users created on my self host retool? Also theres any way to also create users?

Within a table? In a retool app? So i dont have to create them in retool setting

Thank you

@agaitan026 With a self hosted deployment you can query the underlying db where all the user information is stored. You can add it as a resource, and query it in an app (ie: select * from users), add the data to tables etc just like any other postgres resource.

To create users, you can use the SCIM API. This API can also be used to list users as well.

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the api doesnt works for me

@agaitan026 That error is thrown when we don't find a SCIM personal access token and there isn't a SCIM token set via environment variable.

What plan level is your instance currently on? Can you try setting the SCIM_AUTH_TOKEN env var and sending that token in the request?

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business plan, doesnt works or only enterprise? self host