List of retool users


I would like to make an app where I assign duties to retool users. I'm using a cloud hosted retool team account

The manager needs to choose users from a list and then assign duties to them.

I can't find where I can get a list of all users. I've read a few posts that made it sound like this is only possible on the enterprise plan. I was surprised to hear this so am writing for clarification.

Do I need to create my own table with users in it with the teams plan? If so, how would I populate that table with references to the retool users so that if a user logs in they can see what tasks have been assigned to them?

You would have create your own list of users in your database and assign them tasks - you could check against the

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Hi there!

If you are self-hosting, you have access to your users database & could query the list of users. For Cloud, I agree that you'd want to maintain your own list