If self-hosted, whether to invite others

1. if I self-host, I can only use one organization, can I have multiple users in it?

The reason I asked the above question is because I saw the following screen in my local environment! (deployed on my laptop, localhost:3000)


What's confusing is that the word "organization" appears during the account signup process.

Does "organization" refer to a single account?

2. If I self-host the retool, how can I manage my members?

In other words, is this possible for the following scenarios?

I create AppX and AppY with an account named userA.

AppX and AppY can only be modified by userA.

Can I give userB permission to view AppX and userC permission to view AppY?

Hey @progress0407!

Self-hosted deployments can only have one organization containing multiple users. It's possible to do deployments on localhost in addition to that, but they can't invite more than one user.

If you're on the Business plan or higher then you should be able to manage user permissions! There are some docs on how to do that here.

Let me know if that helps or raises any additional questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you ! @Kabirdas

This has helped me a lot in researching related technologies!

Thanks again ^^!