Can I create retool users via a Retool API?

Hello, my team is working on a way to create customer users in our SSO frontend and in our self hosted Retool instance through a self made Retool Administration App.

Our SSO provider has a set of APIs that allow us to create and setup the metadata needed to manage the customer user and invitation email. But I'm having trouble finding how I can create users in our self hosted Retool without needing to navigate the Retool settings pages. Is there such an API? I did find documentation on and Alpha API for resource management, but it didn't appear to have administrative functions.

The goal here is to create a consistent and straightforward way for my company to create customer users with the correct metadata and rbac permissions to view their versions of our Retool apps.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hello! The answer here (at least for self-hosted Retool) is to use the SCIM interface!

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