Google APIs for WorkFlows

Hi, I am trying to set up a Retool workflow to do the following:

Look into my database (Right now it's Google Sheets), and then based on predetermined conditions it will send a WhatsApp message to the associated client in the database using Twilio.

I currently have this function and code set up in Google App Script but I want to try and set it up in Retool Workflows so that once I figure that out I can migrate to a PostgreSQL database and run it like that.

I believe I need access to the axios library (Which is integrated) and the GoogleAPIs library (Which is NOT integrated). Is there a better way to do this by considering a different approach or would workflows work for this use case?

The process is essentially:

  1. Team member ticks a checkbox on the app frontend
  2. It updates the backend database
  3. The script is executed when this update is made
  4. The script sends a WhatsApp message to the associated client

I am not sure what the best approach for this is, any advice and thoughts would be greatly appreciated!