Firebase Firestore Stream Data

Hi Retool team,

Is there any way to stream data from Firestore to Retool? If not, I would like to request this feature. Please note that Firebase SDK provides that feature.

Our retool is getting very slow because whenever we need to get the most updated data, we have to query all documents from Firestore (in the order of 100s or 1000s). Streaming the data will ensure only new data is updated. This will significantly improve our dashboard.

Thank you in advance.



We have this same issue but for Firebase Realtime Database. 100% agreed on the above - makes Retool way slower than it needs to be.

Hey halahmadi, chrscheuer! Thanks for submitting this request. Streaming data is not currently available in Retool, but we are always looking to improve the product. I have submitted this internally and we will take a look!

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