Session replay integration

Hi community!

I'm building many internal tools with retool, but lot of times we are having errors and we can't track them.
In our public apps we use services like LogRocket or OpenReplay to record user sessions and debug errors.
I've tried to install using scripts in a retool app, but errors happens due the iframe with sandbox attribute (this forbid access to things like cookies or session storages).
Is there a way to add it as an integration to record our sessions and debug errors?


Hey Gabriel, where you ever able to figure out a solution or an alternative to Logrocket for session recording? I'd love to do the same.

Hey @arbass! This is likely going to be a feature request. Would you mind sharing any additional context around your use case so I can share it with the team? :slight_smile:

Sure. We are building a customer facing portal on Retool and would like to see how they are using it for our own product learning, as well as to debug any issues they might face. Right now, the way Javascript can be embedded in a component or globally in the app seems to prevent a session monitoring tool, like LogRocket, from working. I'd love to be able to use a 3rd party monitoring tool, but second to that, first party support for session recording from Retool would also be helpful.


Any update on this? I'm having the same issue.

Hey @danielhow @arbass - thanks for adding your interest in a session replay feature. We have a feature request for this internally - to track interest in a first party (built into Retool) feature for session replay, and a separate feature request (with a lot of interest) for third party session replay tool integrations.

Neither feature has been on the roadmap, so I don't have a specific timeline for when it'd become a thing - but we'll keep attaching +1s to the internal feature requests to indicate interest to our Product team!

If anyone happens to have a workaround/has found a way to integrate a third party tool to handle this, please do share :slight_smile:


Well then, +1 :grin:


+1 :rocket:

Are there any tools similar to LogRocket that DO work with Retool apps? What about with workflows?

@kbn @matei I was able to get a connection to LogRocket using a custom component these script tags:

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<script>window.LogRocket && window.LogRocket.init(constring);</script>

just on the default Custom Component, I added these at lines 111 and 112.

EDIT: didn't realize the tags were actually read as html and not displayed. fixed =)


Thank you for sharing this solution @bobthebear !

Thanks @bobthebear ! Looks like I was able to get a connection to LogRocket as well.

However, only the interaction with the custom component is captured, even when giving the custom component/iframe all permissions.

Is this expected?

I would expect this. there isnt much on how custom components are implemented but since javascript gets ran in a sabdboxed environment dor security Id assume the importing and usage of outside scripts would be treated the same if not the whole component. to get around this you could try using a new webapp or module as a wrapper... basically just 1 custom component that imports the logging service and react-embed to embed the whole project u want logging for. the embedding lib used should let react render the html that the logging lib can watch. its just a guess tho? im on vacation and cant test it right now

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Hey @bobthebear thank you for the suggestion. We paused on this project for a while, hoping native capabilities would be released around this.

No luck yet, so I will likely try your solution in the coming weeks.

Since Retool is sandboxed, it sounds like if it works, only the DOM interaction would be captured. None of the network requests or logs would be captured, correct?