GraphQL Subscriptions


I’d like to add a GraphQL Subscription to my retool page so that when a mutation fires, the Subscription receives an update, and auto-magically runs a query and refreshes my table.

I would think it should be very straightforward but maybe I can’t seem to capture the subscription firing (even though I know it is a valid subscription / correct syntax.

Thanks for any assistance!



Hi @geoff!

Retool currently doesn’t support any realtime updates or incoming connections, so I don’t think GraphQL Subscriptions are supported. The closest workaround is to use the option to periodically trigger a query under the “advanced” tab:

okay. Thanks Alex. GraphQL Subscriptions could be a nice feature to add in the future.

I’m going to go ahead and move this post over to the Feature Request section, if anyone else would also like to see GraphQL subscriptions please chime in here!

Dang, I wouldn’t have thought about a GQL subscription before this, but now that you mention it, this could definitely get some usage! It’d go a long way to prevent some of the sluggishness the apps have with the heavier queries going on.

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GraphQL Subscriptions would be an excellent addition. Our use case for dynamic status pages based on these queries would be very beneficial.

GraphQL subscriptions would be useful, or some way of autoupdating the table that doesn’t make the user feel like it’s locked when refreshing.

GraphQL subscriptions were the first thing I looked for when I came to kick the tyres here. Was hoping to leverage Retool for RAD dashboards against an existing GraphQL API. Definitely a +1 feature request from me.

I will use retool for certain admin tasks in my project but this single feature would mean that I would be able to use it for basically all my needs. +1 for subscriptions

Another +1 for subscriptions. Especially for long running tasks that should trigger other behaviour, it would be really helpful.

Is there any news about this feature request?

I know this topic hasn't had any response in a while, but this feature is too important to not have for versatile solutions.

Super interested! +1


Hi, we want to know if there is any udapte about this feature! We want to use it.

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