Kanban layout (like Trello / Asana)

Hi all. We’re interested in using Retool for a new internal tool. We need a Kanban-like layout and I can’t see any examples covering that. Do any of you have an example of making a Kanban layout using Retool?


Hey @bfelbo, and welcome to the community! We don’t have a native Kanban component (has been requested a bunch!), but depending on your use case this is definitely something we should be able to build in Retool. A couple of components I’d call your attention to:

  • Containers
  • Tabbed Containers
  • Reorderable Lists

If you can reply with more info I might be able to help out!


Thanks Justin. We'd like to use a Trello-like interface with a Postgres backend. When moved from one phase to the other phase, the DB is updated. Sometimes a prompt should be surfaced when moving the card to get more info from the user.

I think we'll wait until you support it natively. Looking forward to trying out Retool once you support it :slight_smile:


I would also be very interested in Trello / Asana like tool to use for Kanban layout of orders and highlight the order state they are in. Thanks.


+1 this would be amazing thank you


@Justin - Do you have any sample apps that we could download to try out this capability using containers or reorderable lists?

Any update on the potential for a native kanban component?

Hey scarrucciu, A native kanban component isn't currently on the roadmap but I agree it would be a useful feature. Thanks for adding your +1 for this! You can approximate a kanban feature with multiple listbox components to serve as the buckets, Temporary States to store the data for the different buckets, and some buttons or other UI triggers + JS queries to move data between the buckets. Here is a simple example of what that could look like.

You could also replicate this pattern using listviews instead of lisboxes for expanded functionality. I hope this helps!


I think if Retool had a better voting for features UX this would be at the top :joy:


Still a highly required feature! :smile:

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+1 Would love to have this!

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Noted, thank you! :eyes:

Thanks @everett_smith , can you share access to this example and to the code? +1 to have this component natively from retool thanks

Hey @jmxt! Here's an example app based on Everett's solution :slightly_smiling_face:


To @bfelbo's original point of having a Postgres-backed kanban and Everett's suggestion of using a List View, you can also filter the data returned from your database by category and then reference each of the resulting datasets in a separate List View. Nested List Views even let you set the number of categories dynamically!

There are a number of different ways to structure this, and it does take some extra design so I definitely suggest going with what's most comfortable for you.



+1 to the Kanban-layout (drag-able cards)

Wow guys, it's been almost 4 years and you still did not release the feature.
I've been trying retool for weeks, but because of this I will move to bubble.
Really sad to see the company not develop such a crucial a basic component.

That's so lazy of you, guys. It just looks so bad.

+1 would love to see this feature natively implemented.
Thanks @Kabirdas for the suggested workaround, though :slight_smile:

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+1 boards are quite core to business. A native solution can simplify our users lives

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+1, this would be great.