Feature Request: Video URL column type

There is a column type in tables for Image URL.

I have some dynamic content that can either be an image or a video. It would be nice if the Image URL detected the filetype and changed the tag to a

In the meantime, I can just create custom HTML that does this, but it would be cool if it were automatic.

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Hey Armin! Noted, thank you :slight_smile:

We do have dynamic column settings (docs here) that would allow you to set a column's type depending on some condition, but it would change the entire column type. I linked this ticket to an ongoing internal feature request for a dynamic column type!

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Thank you! Yes, a dynamic column type with a video option would be great.

I realized after I posted this that using custom HTML does not work -- it looks like retool blocks the

Darn. Sorry that didn't work for you, but will keep you updated on this request!