Display / Preview Video On Table Component

Hi, I am really curious about Retool, can we display the video file (from s3 signed URL) on the table component? I have been trying to use the html tag but it did not show anything. Furthermore, we can't use the video component for the column in the table component. Is anyone has been through this? Thanks before. (*In my case, the signed URL actually is not null. I already generate it and set the value to the signedURL temporary state.)

Actually I need to preview / display whether it's a video or an image file.

Hi @RaediNurdiansyah

I've submitted a feature request to have our team add a video column type! I believe for now you'd have to use a modal column that opens to a video component, or a stand alone video component tied to the selected row:

Would using a Listview be a better option? You could essentially make it look like a table of sorts, and you could even have the video hidden/visible with a 'switch' on the row itself.

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Hi @Tess, Thanks for your answer and help. Yeah, I think this will do for the video issue. However, actually, I need to preview the file whether it's a video or an image. So that's why I tried the html tag in the first place so I can use ternary if the video tag works. Sorry If I'm not being clear in my previous question and added the other question again, will add this info to my previous question. Hope you guys can help me :pray:

Hmm yes, Listview could be an option too. I could make a custom module with it I think. Thanks @msd5079.

I thought I found similar issue here !1924. Anyway, thanks for the response and suggestion guys :heart_eyes: