[feature request] Navigation Between Forms


Often times the user is entering a form that has dropdowns, and find that an item is missing from the dropdown. Then they have to close the form (losing the form state), navigate to the other form, add the missing item, and then go back to the original form and start again.

As an example, let's say our database has a "companies" table and "employees" table and that a company requires a primary point of contact. There is a "Primary POC" dropdown in the companies form. If the user is adding a new company and the primary POC hasn't already been added, the user has to exit the "add company" form, add the employee to the employees table, and go back and submit the "add company" form.

Google Appsheets uses an elegant solution to this problem. In their equivalent of the "select" component, there is an "New" button, which transports you to the relevant form:

When you submit the second form, you are taken back to the original form with your progress saved.

This can probably be done currently with a temporary state variable that stores the "form stack" and some logic to update that stack. But I think it's a common enough problem that Retool should implement the form stack under the hood. You can have an optional "New item button" checkbox for the select component that adds a "New" button to the top of the dropdown, that can trigger a push to the stack. This would significantly streamline the user flow when adding data.

Sam Shersher