Export csv data has an extra quote

if table data are string like "+v", exported csv will be "'+v"(notice the extra quote), same result happens in xlsx export. Are there options to disable this behavior?

Hey @tRYxzrXq!

Thanks for flagging this! I was able to track down an existing bug report for this and have linked this thread to it so we can keep you up to date as a fix is merged.

That's really sad. This bug caused a huge loss for our company.
Btw, months ago I posted another bug which had been fixed, but I didn't get any notification from that thread. Redis connection bug

Hey @tRYxzrXq — I see, sorry for the lack of an update in the last thread. Our team is growing quickly and we are working on building out better systems for notifying users as we merge fixes for bugs and it looks like I missed this one :pensive:. We have since built out a new system that will alert us directly as we make progress on fixes.

As for the export CSV issue, it looks like this was intentional to prevent CSVs imported into Excel from interpreting these values as formulas.

The current workaround is to use a JS query along with our utils.downloadFile() method to build out this functionality. With this, you may also need to transform any data to reflect what is displayed in your table (to reflect any hidden or custom columns). I definitely understand that this is not an ideal workaround and have pinged my team on this and will keep this thread up to date as I hear back.