Export CSV from dynamic columns is missing CSV headers

Hi there, I've noticed for a few weeks that any time I export data to CSV from my tables with Dynamic Columns enabled, the first row of the CSV where the headers should be is blank. Whereas exporting data to CSV from a regular table does show the headers properly.

Here's one of my export CSVs from a table with dynamic columns enabled (some data removed). Notice how the first line is blank.


I'm hoping this is easy to reproduce, but let me know if I should add some more details. Thanks!


Hi @Jake_Strang Thanks for reaching out! This is reproducible on our side as well :disappointed: I'll let you know when we're able to ship a fix for this bug!


Any updates on populating the headers when dynamic columns are involved

Not yet :disappointed:

seems there's a trivial workaround - change the 'export' behavior to export the results of the datasource that feeds your table.

Any updates or workarounds here? We're blocked on this as well.

Hi @neelchanda no updates yet :disappointed: The best workaround I can think of is @Eshed_Gal-Or's suggestion of changing the export behavior to pull results from a query or transformer