Retool adds apostrophe(') to string data that starts with minus(-), when exporting as CSV/Excel

I have a string type DB column data that starts with a number or the minus sign(-). For instance, values can be something like '78;34;-45' or '-34;45;79'. When I present this column with DB Query and Retool Table, it is displayed well without any issues.
But when I try to download the Table data with a 'utils.exportData()' Eventhandler or the small download button within Action UI of Table element, Retool add apostrophe(') to each value that starts with the minus(-) sign. Such nuisance is not happening with strings start with numbers but only when the first character is the minus sign.

FYI, I am on the Retool On-premise version 2.80.19


Hey there :wave: I tested this on my end and in older stable versions and haven't been able to recreate it. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your table?