Table CSV export not working correctly (values missing)

We have a bigger App that contains multiple tables located on tabs inside a tabbed container. It seems that since we upgraded our Retool version to 2.100.7, the export of the table into CSV by using the "Show download button" is not working correctly anymore.
For some tables it works, for some tables it doesn't work at all, and for some tables it works partially (some cells are exported, some not). The CSV is always created, the headers are complete, but the values are mostly missing.

I took the App which has the problem and removed all components and code until only one of the affected tables was left. I added a new table which has the same underlying sample data. The export for the new table works fine, the export for the old table not. I changed all visible settings to make the old table look the same as the new table. The export still doesn't work.

Retool version: 2.100.7

Here the app to import:
Export Issue Testing - V2.json (40.2 KB)

Here the problem illustrated:

Hey @Reboon! I think this may be a bug. Doesn’t affect all tables, and not sure what the broken tables have in common. One workaround that has unblocked a few other users is to add a mapper of {{self}} into every column that’s missing data. Could you try that to se if that helps unblock you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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@victoria, it worked with {{ self }}. thanks for your help. But it would be great if this bug can be found and fixed very soon, because like this, if exports are unpredictable (sometimes some column values missing) it is terrible for our endusers since they won't put any trust into Retool if nobody knows whether what was exported is actually complete or not.
The app I attached above in my initial post doesn't contain too many objects. As you can see in the screenshot below, both tables can be found relatively easy in the JSON file. It would be great if someone on your side can compare the two tables in JSON and try to figure out what exactly are the differences that make the table export break. That can't be more than 2 hours of work or so.

Oh, absolutely. I shared your message with the team assigned to this bug so hopefully we'll be able to get this fixed soon :slight_smile:

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just experienced this bug as well.

{{self}} resolved the issue

Glad it worked, and thank you for letting us know you ran into this bug! Always helpful to know how many users are impacted by each bug

I also ran into this bug and the {{ self }} trick didn't work.