Problem when exporting data to Excel - data needs to be recovered

Hi there,

Not sure if I should create another post for this, but it is related to the export table as excel.

I managed to export dummy data as excel successfully. However, when I try to open the downloaded Excel file, I have a prompt that says :

I click Yes and everything is fine, but I feel like this could be fixed to give a seamless experience. :blush:

Is it a known issue on your side ?

Downloaded data :

[{"animal": "duck", "sound": "quack"},
{"animal": "dog", "sound": "wooof"},
{"animal": "cat", "sound": "meow"}]

OS : Windows 11
Excel Version : Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2212 Build 16.0.15928.20196) 64-bit

Hey @Etienne_P!

How are you currently downloading the data?

Here's how mine is set up (it seems to be working!):

Also, if you try opening the file I've attached, does it work for you or do you still see the prompt?
test (1).xlsx

Hi Victoria,

To fix : simply type a value for the Sheet name field

I export data using the utils.exportData() on a button click event handler. I found the bug with the help of your screenshots.

Entering a value at Sheet name made the behaviour disappear. The placeholder text (greyed out "Sheet1") made me think it was a default value. Maybe there is a bug related to this text input ? Thanks for your help, have a nice day!

Ah! Yup, it looks like the File Name field is required for me, but my setup is still working without a Sheet Name :thinking:

Either way, I'll file a bug here and I'm glad you're unblocked for now!

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