Export audit trail log

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is there any way to export retool logs?

Hi @gabriel.santos,

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this on Cloud at the moment. On-prem users have a table in their Retool PostgresDB named audit_trail_events which holds their audit logs.

Hi @Kabirdas!
Thanks for you help.
Is there a way to get events by another tool?

Logs will be so important in our use case.

Is there a particular event that you're looking to log? It might be possible for you to build some logging into your app as a workaround.

As a side note - this would also be great as a post in feature request section!

We trying to build a timeline events for our sales process. Retool is the principal factor of changes in this workflow. Get logs from insert and update will become more previsible when scale the team or think in new process. How we use a lot pages in retool, a get a tool that we doesn't have to configure query by query will be awesome.

@Kabirdas , any updates on a way for cloud users to access the audit trail events similar to how on-prem can access the table?

Hey @gabriel.santos, unfortunately we don't have any update on this yet. I've linked this request to the internal ticket that we have tracking cloud audit log retrieval and can update this topic when we have any additional information. Thanks!

This is also something that we are interested in. Are there any plans in the future to be able to export this data even to just a csv?

Hey @Chris_Bartlett, no updates yet but we will update this topic as we get any additional information. This is on the roadmap, we just don't have an eta.

This is also something that we would find valuable. We would also love to be able to filter on audit log parameters for example, if we know something has affected a particular customer id, to be able to search/filter based on that id to find the items in the log that affect that customer.