Better Audit Logs

In our case as we start using Retool for more and more business critical apps and with dozens of users security is becoming very important for us.

One feature essential to monitor security are Audit Logs.

In over a year of using retool there haven't been any updates (On Business/Pro plan) and its functionality is very limited.

Features that our organisation would like to see to improve audit logs are:

  • Ability to export and download audit. This would allow us to better filter as well as keep backups further than the one year Retool keeps.
  • Include app edits, not just app usage. E.g. who made changes to a certain app or moved location or deleted.
  • Audit Logs for public apps with external users. As mentioned in this forum post some of our apps are used in public view and the insight we can gain here is immense.
  • More filters in the audit log page e.g. filter view or ran a query.
  • API to programmatically access and monitor logs.

If I am missing something let me know and I will edit the post to include it!

Jose Fran


I agree.

It is a Korean company that has decided to introduce ReTool.

According to Korea's Personal Information Protection Act, audit logs must be kept for at least two years. However, ReTool's audit log retention period is 1 year.

So I tried to save it as a local file, but there is no export function.

At the very least, I hope the export function will be added soon.

Totally agree with these points.

I want to be able to download audit logs for all apps, and be able to track audit logs for public apps. An API would definitely be awesome, and I would like to see if webhooks can be added for app edits/deletion/etc. I think being able to notify admins on certain things would mean a lot!

Also to add as I'm spinning up many apps now, it would be great to see a trend chart of usage for the apps to better understand/track usage. Sort of like how Github has an activity trend chart for each repositories

Great points! Thank you all for bringing these up. If anyone else reads this and has more reasons and use cases for better audit logs, please do share. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Have any features been planned that are discussed above?