Track retool users, know what they do

Hello ,
My retool will be use by others people than me , and i want to know what they do , what they delete / create / submit , looking , to improve my CMR , know why they spend to much time on each request etc ...
It's possible to do that ?

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There are metrics available depending on the plan you are on. But if you’re looking for more specific and granular detail you can integrate with Google or segment or you can write your own audit trail

i have found two things in documentation

i don't understand the difference , you can tell me more ?
Thanks for your help

It depends on what you need. Audit logs are limited to higher level actions like logging in. Connecting to Segment for example can be done at the query level - someone deleted a record. Or you can write your own workflow based on your own audit trail. The experiment tracking tool is more for you to see what users are doing in the app as users not developers/editors. Hope that helps

Has anyone figured out a workaround to use Segment if you are only on the Pro Plan?

I would like to have the ability to query the auditlogs so that I can report on things like; "Activity by user over the last week", "Daily active users for dashboard X".

According to the documentation:
Querying audit logs via SQL

This is only enabled on on premise deployments.


Writing in from support. :slight_smile:

Everything Scott has mentioned is correct!

Audit logs are available only on Business and Enterprise plan levels:

And, querying your records in the way you're describing is only enabled on on-prem deployments.

Happy to answer any further questions!

Hi exist a way to export this audit logs to a SIEM, or to Elastic?

If you are self hosted, audit logs can be accessed via SQL in the internal postgres database backing Retool or sent to stdout for the container. More info here: View user audit logs | Retool Docs

Otherwise at the moment there isn't another way to access or export the audit logs at the moment.