Provide Audit Logs for public app users

Despite not having any type of authentication, I would love to still see some form of trace for public app users. The current status quo is that, if an app is made public, there will be no trace of anything unless the user is a registered user. This would also be useful if you are utilizing public apps while on-premise, giving you the flexibility to whitelist certain users

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Hey @ilsemaj! What kind of data on these users would you want to see?

I would like the same thing. I’d like to see total pageviews, unique users, and their activity whether it’s filtering queries or interacting with tables.


On an individual user level, even if you don’t have any information about the user?

There’s a big difference between aggregate level stats (something we can track and provide to you) vs. granular event level data. Seems like you want both?

On an individual user level, if we can see IP addresses, perhaps browser information, and query interactions, these would be sufficient enough. Given public users are tracked by IP, if Retool introduces whitelisting in the future, it would come in handy.

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Adding to this thread. We sometimes use retool to create a light version of something we will eventually add to software. We beta test internally and with users but would like to see what they are interacting with and querying without actually watching them do it. Would be great to have audit logs for public tools to make this process easier.