Wrap text / increase cell height within cell for table

Hi all,

I did not manage to find a way to wrap cell content and column name within a table.

So far I have this table :


and would like to increase cell height for column name and other rows and wrap text / content within these cells.

Any ideas ?

Many thanks

Hi @tm57!

This can be done for the contents of cells, but unfortunately not for the column titles. To get cell text to wrap within the column cells, there is a setting called 'Allow Overflow' inside the column settings:

Hopefully this helps!

Hi @ben

Many thanks for your answer. I tried the overflow but not seems to do the "wrapping" within my table.

Column "Piece" for example:

For the headers if it is not possible how to decrease police size ? I tried to do it with a CSS script but did not manage to select the table with this script:

Do you see an issue here ?

Many thanks!

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Just managed to do it with CSS custom below :

._retool-TableWidget .cell-container {
font-size: 10px!important;
overflow-wrap: break-word!important;

._retool-TableWidget .rt-column-header-name {
font-size: 10px!important;

._retool-TableWidget .rt-th.rthfc-th-fixed.rthfc-th-fixed-left.rt-resizable-header.-cursor-pointer {
overflow-wrap: break-word!important;

._retool-TableWidget .rt-th.rt-resizable-header.-cursor-pointer {
overflow-wrap: break-word!important;

However and as you mention it is not working for column name. As my column names are a bit long , do you know if it is possible to add a n overhead line / kind of categories / Top level headers ?