Events for retool textbox

I want to make dashboard page in my app and when I click on the card I want to redirect it to another page
when I tried to user text box it has no events

@retool can we have the feature ?

You can use button->event handlers->Action->go to URL/go to App

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Hello, @cinnamon9
Thank you for the response
I tired to use button but not able to get the text as I want
I want following text on button:


I want one line break which I think is possible in Textbox

Hi Sejal! Just wanted to share a quick update with you. Since this currently in possible in Retool, I created an internal feature request for our product team to take a look at! Once I have any updates to share, I'll reach back out in all of the threads about this issue :blush:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Exciting news, @SejalVaghasiabbutton components now support multi-line text! :tada:

Thank you for taking the time to share this request with us and for helping us improve our product.

(Shared this message in our other open feature request thread as well)

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@victoria Thank you for the update