Events for retool textbox

I want to make dashboard page in my app and when I click on the card I want to redirect it to another page
when I tried to user text box it has no events

@retool can we have the feature ?

You can use button->event handlers->Action->go to URL/go to App

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Hello, @cinnamon9
Thank you for the response
I tired to use button but not able to get the text as I want
I want following text on button:


I want one line break which I think is possible in Textbox

Hi Sejal! Just wanted to share a quick update with you. Since this currently in possible in Retool, I created an internal feature request for our product team to take a look at! Once I have any updates to share, I'll reach back out in all of the threads about this issue :blush:

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Thank you :slight_smile: