Text component with link to other page

I want to add the text "No login? Please sign up first!" to the font page of my mobile app and when a user click on the text I want to jump to the "sign up" screen, how can I add an Event to a text component? Or should I use a completely different component to achieve this? Thanks.

Hi @rgroothuis, you can't add an event handler directly to the text component but you could:

  • use a button component with no background color
  • put the text in a container component which has event handlers

Hope that helps :v:

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Thanks for the solution, the button with no background color is the solution. The container trick didn't work for me for some reasons. But I've a way forward now. Thanks again.


I also am trying to use a container and have a text input within it - the events on the containers never seem to fire, and you also are unable to select what event you want to act on.

Any update on this one?


Hi @msd5079 Thanks for reaching out about this! Unfortunately, this is a Retool Mobile container bug that our team is looking into :disappointed: It currently works on the non-mobile version of Retool. Would the button with no background color work for now?

Hi @Tess -

Thanks for following up!

It was actually part of this little project: Retool Mobile 'Calendar' View - Community Show & Tell - Retool Forum

I've worked around it for now, but would still prefer the text element rather than a button, just due to the limited options as far as text/padding/spacing etc. With a text element, i could actually fit short descriptions, etc.