Can Retool do URL Hyperlinks?

I can return the link as a string. But can retool show it as a hyperlink? How would I add the appropriate html tags in the presentation layer?

yes! a lot of components support rendering as HTML. some examples:

  • you can render table cells as HTML, so you’d use a table column mapper like <a href="{{ self }}">my link</a>
  • text components support both HTML and markdown. so you can do something like [mylink](

Thanks Abdul, got it working now.

What is the syntax to open a new window when the link is clicked? Currently the [mylink] method will load a new page in the same window.

Hey you can use the target prop with "_blank" value, as such:

<a href="{{ self }}" target="_blank">my link</a>

thanks acib. what is the syntax for text components HTML markdown, please? sorry not very versed with HTML/JS

Hi! After doing a bit of Googling, it doesn't look like Markdown supports opening new links out of the box.
However, if you paste the <a> tag (that acib sent) in a text component and change the URL and display message, it should work for you!

Let me know how it goes :blush:

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thanks Victoria. super helpful. works!

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Is it possible to use hyperlinks in notifications?
Both markdown and html seems not working.

Hey @number15! Hmm I don't think this is possible, but maybe a different component could work instead? What are you looking to do here? Maybe you could conditionally show a text component (with the hyperlink) instead? :grimacing:

@victoria hi, I'm triggering the creation of a ticket in Zendesk and I would like to show in the notification a link to the ticket created using the ticket id in the response.

So something like:
Email sent to aaa[at] Ticket id 9999
where 9999 is a link to the ticket in our Zendesk.

@victoria hi, just to close this: is not possible at the moment, correct?

Hey @number15! Not possible yet, but there's an ongoing feature request for this :slight_smile: Will bump the thread now